Web Design Trends 2015




Visualization is more appealing to people than words. New Year calls for a new change, new trend everywhere. The change is not limited only to the fashion world; its presence is also in the technology. The user expects something new and unique. Website design has a lot of new varieties to offer to their users. The web design market is booming with the new designs.

These are few design trends that will rule 2015.

1. Responsive

Though responsive design is not new but it will still continue in 2015. Users are now used to responsive web design. It makes the content look the same if you view it on your mobile phone or on the desktop. It is user friendly. If your site can respond to any size of the screen then it’s definitely going to help the user to access it on any device.

2. Design it flat

Flat designs give a very clean and simple look to the website. The simple design used helps load the web page faster. Flat designs have evolved itself with new designs and its use of color. It makes it easy for the user to understand and interact with the website.

3. Materialization

Material design is a competition to the flat design. Though it is a difference of opinion that some may like it or some may not. It gives you a visual feel and touch like of the ones in real. It is the most preferred for Android applications. The color palette and the combination of design provide brings a real meaning to the website.

4. Scroll It! (Parallax)

Parallax scrolling is mostly in use for a single page website. It is used widely by many companies as it is flexible to use and a unique technology. Anyways users prefer scrolling over clicking. While clicking takes more time to load a web page, scrolling wins over it by minimizing the load time.

5. Design it more, the code will happen

Many companies are focusing on the designs more than coding the website. As said visual content appeals more to the user and help the user to remember for long. More and more companies are putting in their time to make the website appealing to the user’s eye by using different designing tools and techniques.

6. Emphasize it BIG

With many type kits and tools available in the market, people are using more of typographic fonts. Big, bold letters definitely attracts attention and is easy to advertise your brand using catchy taglines.

7. SVG, the Buzzword

Scalable Vector Graphics help the graphics to scale the graphics according to the screen size. This makes it easy for the designer to not to waste more time thinking about the resolution of the image as SVG help to fit the vector image to the screen of any device used. It makes the images look beautiful and alive.

8. Ghost Buttons

The transparent and hover look of these buttons are must have. It is classy and adds an exquisite look to the website. With a good color combination of the webpage it is a must trend to follow this year.

9. Interact with it now!

Many companies are now making their website more interactive by interacting with the user in different ways. For e.g. when a user visits the website a pop up box appears to ask the user about its name or email id so that they can send their newsletters or other information to the user. In this way the company can advertise through email.

10. Dynamic Background

With 3D technology getting more famous people are now using 3D images and large designs for their webpage. With dynamic background it is sure to have lots of visitors visiting your website.

11. Card Design Continues

Showcasing your website in the form of business card continues. Companies design their information on uniquely designed cards in a denser format. It is digestible, shareable and responsive. It is useful for people who have a limited space or can’t say much.

12. Tell a Story

Many companies or organization is preparing a story about their organization to tell about themselves. The website is designed I such a way that when you click a particular icon it tells a particular information about it. Mostly it is used by people for their portfolio or even to make a profile of their own.

13. Personalize it

Many companies send cookies or make a note of the user’s interaction with their website. Mostly used by shopping websites where they make note of which products are viewed by the customer and show similar products. They personalize their website to different customers in a different way.

14. Microinteractions

When your product interacts or focuses only on one task at a time this is what is known as Microinteractions. It could be like updating your status, liking someone’s page or giving your ratings to a particular song. This brings in the interests of the user and there is more interaction. Many companies are including it in their design.

15. Design it in a few clicks

As technology has advanced so has the ways of using it. There are lots of tools and websites allowing the company to get a good, interactive website within a few minutes. It’s just a few clicks away. You just have to choose the background or you can even personalize it, choose the tab design and how to show your content, that’s it! Your website is ready.

16. Infographics

Infographics have made a comeback! Infographics is a powerful marketing tool if used properly. With the proper flow of information with style and touch added to it, it is surely going to trend this year. Infographics should be informative, if used efficiently it will help a lot to market the brand of the company.

17. Animated

Animated website is user friendly and interacts more with the user. It catches the user’s attention. If the information is animated the user tends to be attracted more to it. The use of animation is not only limited to designing. Companies animate the content which makes the user easy to understand about the website.

18. Focus on Content

With design the content of the website is also important. While interacting with the website the user should be able to understand your business as well. With the unique and intelligent use of words, it helps in the optimization of your site on the search engines.

19. Icons over text

At first the tabs used to have information in the text form, but today the text changes to icons. Companies use icons as it is nice and informative. For e.g. a lock icon is used for log in and log out. If the icon is animated then it’s a cherry on the cake it is more attracting the user to use your website.

20. Interpolate the fonts

With large fonts with the use of typography and dynamic web design make the website inflexible. It reduces user interaction and usability. But with live font’s interpolation you can overcome with this problem make your website more flexible.

21. Apps in demand

Now a day’s people don’t like to reach out to their desktop every now and then. Since the mobile phones are handy many people like to use it to view a website. So the companies have now started to turn their website into an application which can be easily used in the phone. The application is easy to download and use. It is easy for the user to view the website using the application.

22. Photos and Videos

With designing it uniquely with texts and colors, people use photos and videos in their design to showcase their work. The photos are not edited or polished. Real photos as they were shot from the camera are used as it makes it look real.

23. Video in Background

To make the website more interactive many companies use video background. This video tells about the business or the organization or is just a form of changing the design. It is used to grab the user’s attention.

24. Speed up

The website load time is more important. The user will not be interested in your website if it takes a lot of time to load a single page. So the website is designed more efficiently so that user can easily view the website.

25. Map it on Google

This is trending more and more. Today, companies mention their address with a Google map included on their tab button or in the form of an icon, so that the users are able to locate their company on the map. It makes the user easy to reach out to them. Instead of Contact Us use Google map to make it more interactive.


Let’s see, which trends will survive next year and which doesn’t but this year they are surely going to be used by many companies for their website. So use these tips and tricks and make your website more flexible and efficient to use.